Eep: Eduardo Estevez-Palacio goes by his high school nickname, Eep. (The only people who seem to call him Eduardo are family and employers.) He’s a guy that’s made up entirely of angles. He’s tall, thin, brooding, easily embarrassed, almost always smoking, and scowling even more often. Maybe it’s because of this, or maybe it’s because he gets so flustered so easily, he’s a favorite target for a good-natured ribbing from his friends.



Wanda: Wanda is the enthusiastic, optimistic, nosy (and only female) roommate. She has been known to put her beloved voodoo doll, Voodoo Ed, on “dates.” She is a part time-student and works part-time at a trendy alt-rock clothing store called Hott Threadz.




Robert: Robert is the oldest and most levelheaded of the 3 roommates. He is sarcastic, seemingly unflappable, and usually serves as the “straight man” in the gag strips. He works as both a free-lance and technical writer.





Vincent: Vincent is a 21 year old young man short on stature, but not lacking in tenacity, self confidence or ego. If you asked him to describe himself, he would undoubtedly use the words “sexy,” “smoldering,” and “irresistible.



Greg: Greg the Grim Reaper is a typically skull-faced, black-robed depiction of Death incarnate.





Voodoo Ed: Voodoo Ed is a doll found by Wanda at a yard sale.